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About Whalley Computer Associates (WCA)

WCA is one of the largest independent technology providers in North America (top 1%) headquartered in Southwick, Massachusetts. WCA, at its core, is a computer reseller, but has grown to become a leader in large scale technology deployments, inventory management, project management, OEM server appliances, product development, and much more. WCA’s Retail Technology Services division’s mission is to be your “go-to” service provider when you need it done right, on-time, and within budget.

History of WCA

WCA was founded by John Whalley in 1979 as a computer consulting and programming upstart. With the onset of the PC revolution in the early 1980’s, WCA quickly became a leader providing PCs and computer services to small and medium sized businesses. Continued growth within New England allowed WCA to expand into several enterprise level accounts which catapulted WCA nationally. In 1999, WCA moved to its current corporate headquarters with further expansion in 2001 and 2012. WCA remains a family owned business completely focused on providing the best services available anywhere in the United States.


  • 87,000 ft² of warehousing space
  • 5,000 pallet storage capacity
  • 29,000 ft² of configuration space
  • Configure 10,000 items/month
  • Pack & ship 100,000 items/month
  • 140 computer professionals
  • Network of 10,000+ field technicians

Your "go-to" service provider when you need it done right, on-time, and within budget.

MFGs: APC · Apple · Axis · Bose · Cashmaster · Cisco · Dell · Epson · Ergotron · Honeywell · HP IBM · Ingenico · Kronos · Lenovo · Lexmark · Liebert · Motorola · Q-Buster · Samsung · Sato · SpacePole · Symbol · TrippLite · Tyco · Verifone · Wyse · Xerox · Zebra · And many more!


Registers, Scanners, Payment Terminals, Servers, Racks, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, Cameras, Time Clocks, Radios, Thin Clients, Printers

And much, much, more!

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