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Let WCA coordinate the Technology for your New Store openings!

Are you frustrated trying to configure equipment on-site? Your solution is WCA’s “Store-In-A-Box”

WCA’s Retail Technology Services division understands the importance of opening your new store location on-time with fully functioning technology to maximize the customer experience and to keep those registers ringing. WCA also understands that centralizing the configuration of your technology is the best method to ensure a field population that is consistent and easier to support.


  • Equipment is staged & configured BEFORE it arrives on-site, significantly reducing installation time & cost.
  • Consistent configuration results in improved performance, less troubleshooting and an overall better support model.
  • Shipments are organized and clearly labeled making on-site installs much smoother.
  • Centralized configuration allows for buying in bulk to maximize price discounts.
  • Detailed receiving & shipment logs are critical for accurate asset management.

WCA Retail is your retail technology provider.
We provide pre-configured and pre-staged equipment to our customers.
We are located in Western MA, and serving customers nationwide.

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Configured & staged BEFORE it arrives on-site whether you have 200 or 2,000 locations.

Bulk Purchasing · Consolidated Inventory · Secured & Insured · Asset Management · Pre-tested · Pre-staged · Pre-configured · Organized for Easy Installation · Just-In-Time Delivery

Sample Equipment List

Front Line: Registers, scanners, payment terminals, electronic queues.

Back Office: Servers, racks, firewalls, switches, UPS.

In-Store: Digital signage, music media, access points, WIPS, cameras.

Staff: Timeclocks, radios, cash scales, thin clients, printers, telephones.

And much, much, more!

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